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In the course of providing the Service for the purpose of proper operation of the Website, the Service, of ensuring basic and convenience functions of the Website, of enhancing user experience, of profiting from opportunities provided by the Service, of monitoring User behavior, for statistical purposes the Company shall apply the following cookies.


An information package that is sent by the server to the browser, and returned by the browser to the server each time a request is directed to the server. Cookies are created by the web server itself with the help of the browser on the user’s device, where those are stored in a separate directory. Cookies may be deleted from the browser any time.


Those type of cookies that are indispensable for the operation of the Website and certain functions thereof, for navigation on the Website. For the purpose of assisting personalized service and the signing-in process, the system identifies the computer of the User signing in with the help of a session-cookie. If the User only closes the browser window, when re-opening the browser window the status at signing-in will appear. These cookies do not collect such information on the User, which would enable the identification of the User (personal data), which could be used for marketing purposes, and which would remember what other websites, what sub-pages of the Website the User has visited.

Behavior tracking-cookie

In order for us to be able to provide personalized service to Users, to offer products that best comply with their interests, demands, to enhance effectiveness of the Service, to analyze visits, use of the Website (the fact and duration of the visit of the Website and sub-pages, monitoring of applications), we place cookies on your browser, and by doing so on your computer, phone or other device (end user device) and use them, provided the User has expressly consented thereto in advance. This consent by the User may be given by clicking on the “I accept” button in the pop-up text on the Website. The behavior tracking cookies store an identifier generated randomly, the application will thereafter store certain user events (viewing of advertisements, duration of visit, keyword, location, type of device) in the database. After entering the Website, it will combine the data registered on the behavior of the User with the User.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are downloaded by the User’s browser upon viewing of the Website, yet not from the Company’s (sub)domain, but from the domain of a third party (typically an advertising agent or Facebook), considering that the Website consists in part of such third party modules. Third party cookies are returned to the third party, when the User views e.g. an advertisement of theirs or visits their website. With the help of these cookies third parties (e.g. advertiser) can monitor the entire browsing history of the User with regard to those websites, which contain the so-called third party modules of the third party (e.g. advertisement module, advertisements). The privacy settings of most browsers allow blocking/banning of third party cookies.

The Company does not have control authority over the third party cookies, thus we ask the Users to review the cookie information of such third parties. (Google Analytics, Gemius, Facebook, doubleclick, goroost). The Company does not receive data from third parties suitable for identification, merely statistical data. 

Web analytics and advertisement-support external companies

For the operation of its web-based Service the Company engages external web analytics and advertisement support companies. The Company hereby informs the users of its Service on activities carried out – independently of the Company – by its contracted partners on the individual data. By using the Website, the User consents to the processing of information related to his/her person for the following purpose and in the following manner:

The Company uses the service by Google Inc. with respect to a number of its websites and applications. Google Analytics uses cookies for the purpose of supporting the analysis of the use of the Website. Information stored by the cookies (including the IP-address of the User) is stored on the servers of Google Inc. located in the United States. Google Inc. may transfer information collected to third parties, if provided for by law or if such third parties process the information on behalf of Google Inc. The “Privacy policy” of Google Inc. is available at Further useful information is available on the website of Google Inc. pertaining to the activities of Google Inc. in connection with data and the description of cookies, the personalization of advertisements:

Cookies placed by providers may be deleted any time from the device of the User, whereas by choosing proper settings of the browser(s) the use of cookies may be generally refused. The cookies placed by external providers may be identified on the basis of the domain associated with the give cookie.

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